About Institute of Innovative Research

Welcome to Centivens Institute of Innovative Research, the number one source to deal with collaborative research projects and actively engaged in research to promote academic growth by funding. We're dedicated to give you the very best of research as well as scientific and technical education by focussing on journal publications, workshops, books and conference presentations.

CIIR founded in 2019, when first started out, the passion for supporting the research community by publishing the discovery drove them to provide open access policy to the knowledgeable authors throughout the globe and serving as valuable resource for industries and society. We now serve customers all over world and assisting colleges and universities by our research findings by incorporating the own institutional data to foster the institutional understanding enhancements and improvements.

To generate new knowledge by engaging in research and to promote academic growth by offering funds. To undertake collaborative research projects.
To contribute to the world through excellence in scientific and technical education and research; to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society. We seek to disseminate our research through professional journal publications, books, workshops and conference presentations.

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